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Have you considered buying a used vehicle at our dealership in Hunt Valley, MD? Check out the with models we have available, and decide on the one you're going to take home. Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars is the place local drivers trust when it's time to find a reliable vehicle for the foreseeable future.

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Buy a Used Volvo Car at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars

It's easy to find a used Volvo car for sale in our inventory because we provide you with options. Our used vehicles range in size, shape, and ownership history.

Luxury car designs are an attainable dream when you shop at our dealership. We have an entire fleet of Volvo used cars that give you the opportunity to drive a high-end vehicle. Enjoy the relaxation that comes with cruising around in a model that's supported by a brand with an unparalleled commitment to creating safe and sturdy road-ready vehicles.

One of the ways we show our appreciation for our loyal customers here in Hunt Valley, MD, is through our incentives. We have available car service and factory parts offers, and we provide you with pre-owned Volvo specials. Our staff of Volvo vehicle geniuses continually update our website with new valuable opportunities for you to use during your visit.

Visit Our Location for a Competitive Inventory of Volvo Pre-owned Cars

We're proud to have a variety of used Volvo vehicles and trims at our dealership. That's what makes us the ideal place for drivers to go that need a used Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to drive their favorite luxury car, and we're determined to give you that opportunity at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars.

As you browse through our online inventory to find a used Volvo car for sale, note the diversity of our models. You can choose from several different trim levels, exterior colors, interior materials, system upgrades, style accessories, and more.

Ask our team members about test-driving a used Volvo wagon during your visit. These midsize models have a sense of adventure and are ideal for growing families. Explore the path less traveled in a car that's always ready for the road ahead.

Want more space without sacrificing versatility? You should test-drive the used Volvo XC60 for sale. You can keep your family connected and protected at every twist and turn when you take the reins of this popular used Volvo SUV for sale.

Does your growing family need more room as you plan your next adventures? Passengers love the amount of personal space and connectivity they have in a used Volvo XC90, no matter where they sit. Explore this broad-shouldered beast at our location in Hunt Valley, MD.

Locals Prefer Our Dealership's Selection to Find Their Used Volvo Vehicle

We're proud to have a wide-ranging selection of used vehicles. However, we do more than help you pick out a used Volvo car for sale from our inventory. Our team of certified technicians, showroom staff members, and financial experts each do their part to make sure we take care of all your automotive needs.

Schedule your first routine service for your used Volvo sedan at our location after completing your purchase. The journey begins when you visit our store, but it doesn't end when you leave. You can call on our talented team of technicians and experts whenever you need help with your car, including a used Volvo XC90, or have a question about a model you're interested in buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Volvo vehicle to buy used?

"Best" is usually a subjective term. For those who prioritize fuel efficiency, a fuel-sipping sedan like the Volvo S60 or a plug-in hybrid should probably be among your top choices. If space and luxury are what you're most after, take a test drive of the three-row Volvo XC90. Let us know what defines your best, and we'll help you find the vehicle to match.

Is 200,000 miles a lot for a Volvo car?

Volvo vehicles are durable, so it's fairly common for these cars to reach 200,000 miles or more before needing major powertrain repairs, as long as they receive proper maintenance over the years. However, people buying used cars often look for less mileage on the odometer to start with, even if a vehicle with 100,000 or 150,000 miles on the odometer could have a lot of life left.

Which Volvo car lasts the longest?

Most Volvo vehicles have an expected life span of over 200,000 miles. The differences in how long they last often come down to circumstances and maintenance. For example, to keep your engine from overheating and stop the premature wear of parts, get oil changes in line with the recommended schedule. Not letting your car sit idle for too long is also important. Our team can give you more advice.

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*Additional costs include accessories that you add, sales tax, tag and title fees for the state in which the vehicle will be registered, and a dealer processing fee of $499 (not required by law). Due to current market conditions, market price may be higher than MSRP. Prices are subject to change, and prior sales are excluded from these offers. See individual vehicle page or contact the store by phone or email for complete details on all offers.

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