Volvo XC60 Lease Specials In Hunt Valley Near Baltimore, MD

Volvo XC60 Lease Specials In Hunt Valley Near Baltimore, MD

Due at signing | $* a month | No Security Deposit

You've got someone in the family at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars! If you've always wanted a Volvo XC60 lease but haven't really known where to turn, you've come to the right place. On this Volvo XC60 lease page, we'll tell you about model features, leasing vs. buying, and the world-class service that you'll find when you shop here with us. The new Volvo XC60 brings you everything that Volvo Cars has to offer, in a way that's miles ahead of the competition. We'll show you how as you scroll!

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Specialized Models With Volvo XC60 Lease Specials

When your busy modern life in Hunt Valley, MD, seems to throw every punch it can at your day-to-day existence, it would be nice if someone had your back. Or Something. Introducing the new Volvo XC60 - there for you the way that you're there for everyone else. One day, one of the following examples might help to save those you love the most:

  • The Volvo XC60 Momentum
  • The Volvo XC60 R-Design (& Plug-In Hybrid)
  • The Volvo XC60 Inscription (& Plug-In Hybrid)
  • The Volvo XC60 Engineered by Polestar

Standard safety includes 360 LED lighting, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, oncoming collision mitigation, run-off-road-protection, front & rear collision detection, driver alertness monitoring, autonomous emergency braking, whiplash protection seating, and more.

Luxury? That's standard, too. Enjoy leather seats, keyless entry, remote start, remote climate pre-set, WiFi, smartphone integration, a panoramic glass sunroof, a power tailgate, and Volvo Valet. Curious about that last benefit? Let one of our Volvo XC60 lease specialists show off its capabilities when you contact them about any of our new Volvo vehicles.

Volvo XC60 Lease Deals & Ways To Save

Any of our Volvo XC60 lease offers are crafted around the model that you love the most. You don't just have to get the special flavor of the month. All of our models are designed to keep money in your pocket while you enjoy the confidence of a safe and luxurious family vehicle.

If you're immersed in university life near Towson, MD, then you know things can get busy, and any opportunity to have some extra cash in your pocket is a smart opportunity to take advantage of. Ask about one of our demo and loaner cars for sale or lease. They'll have minimal miles on them, added savings, and all the benefits of a brand new Volvo XC60.

If you're considering lease vs. finance, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I drive 15k miles a year or less?
  • Do I love getting a new vehicle every few years?
  • Do I love a small monthly payment on a new car?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then leasing could be the way to go. If you love the pride of ownership and keeping your vehicles for a long time, why not explore our used Volvo vehicles? You might find a recent lease return or showroom model with the same features as a brand new Volvo XC60. Your final Volvo XC60 lease price will be determined by vehicle options, incentives, and your credit.

Either way, the savings are yours to enjoy!

More Volvo XC60 Lease Deals & Benefits Near Baltimore, MD

Did you know that a complimentary car wash is waiting for you with every service visit? Should you decide to relax in our hospitality center, we've also got a delectable assortment of snacks as well as hot & cold refreshments. If you love the idea of a Volvo XC60 lease, you might also enjoy exploring the following options:

The Volvo XC90 - Like the Volvo XC60 in many ways, but a key differentiating factor of the Volvo XC90 is the standard third row. Packed with flagship amenities, a Volvo XC90 lease will bring you more than just prestige.

The Volvo S60 - This sport-luxury sedan embraces the agility of the Volvo XC60 but brings it to you with a track-ready road feel. If you love the thrill of the drive, a Volvo S60 lease might be the perfect way to go.