Frequently Asked Questions

What does Volvo Certified mean?

Volvo Certified means your pre-owned Volvo offers like-new quality at a used-car price. It will have fewer than 80,000 miles logged, and the Volvo certification process is a meticulous 170-plus-point inspection by trained Volvo technicians. It covers everything from interior trim materials to crucial mechanical components. Once certification is achieved, the Volvo vehicle is backed by a zero-deductible factory warranty and more benefits.

How long does Volvo Certified Warranty offer last?

The standard Volvo Certified warranty lasts for five years1 and has unlimited mileage. You'll get zero deductible on warranty-covered visits and enjoy confidence-inspiring coverage on the repair or replacement of many key vehicle components. If you're looking for a long-term experience with your Volvo Certified vehicle, the brand offers the ability to upgrade the warranty to 10 years1 of coverage.

What does CPO cover on a Volvo?

The CPO process involves a 170-plus-point inspection covering all the major areas that affect reliability, performance, and driver enjoyment. You'll also get a Volvo CPO warranty with five years1 and unlimited miles of coverage. It covers the replacement or repair of defective components within the engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical system, and more. Learn more at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars.

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1Calculated from the original in-service date and zero miles.

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