Sign up for the Costco Volvo Auto Program and save on your next purchase or lease at our participating Volvo Cars dealership. The wholesale retailer that offers opportunities to save on a seemingly endless selection of products is now adding Volvo sedans and SUVs into the mix.

What is the Costco Volvo Auto Program?

Anyone with a Costco membership can take advantage of our Costco Volvo Cars promotion. Costco members will enjoy vehicle and service discounts at our Hunt Valley, MD dealership.

You can save on the following at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars through the Costco Volvo Auto Program:

  • New Cars for Sale: Leasing and buying new cars just got much better for Costco members. Special offers are available on popular models in the Volvo lineup that are exclusive to this membership. The Costco Volvo Program works with your local dealer to deliver a new car to you.
  • Used Cars for Sale: A glance at the available used cars in the Costco Volvo Cars deal reveals a diverse variety of models. Find the one that fits you and save with exclusive discounts. We have luxurious Volvo SUVs, speedy Volvo sedans, and everything in between.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: In addition to being eligible for unique CPO benefits, you'll be able to save on a certified pre-owned Volvo model through the Costco Volvo Cars promotion. Look for the certified pre-owned vehicle inventory after you sign up with your Costco membership.
  • Auto Parts and Service: Whether you buy new or used, constant upkeep is essential in maximizing your car's abilities. Save on service year-round via the Costco Volvo Auto Program. Next time you need to visit our technicians for something, it'll cost you less.

How to Sign Up for the Costco Volvo Cars Deal

Sign up for the Costco Volvo Auto Program through their website or over the phone at 1-800-755-2519. Once you're signed up, you'll be able to enter your zip code and see the cars available at participating local dealerships.

Choose the vehicle or car service on which you'd like to apply the Costco Volvo Cars promotion, and enter your applicable Costco identification information. Click on locate dealer, and you'll be able to see a members-only Costco Volvo Auto Program price listing.

The Costco Volvo Cars deal is not a part of any other auto programs, and there is no annual fee besides a Costco membership. Browse different models and trim levels available through this program before you buy or lease your next car.

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