Compare The B5/B6 Engine Vs. The T5/T6

Volvo Cars is committed to a better future, and this Volvo powertrain comparison page will shed some light on the recent changes to their vehicles. Volvo Cars has plans to become carbon neutral in the very near future and is leaning on electrification to make that possible. Additionally, Volvo Cars is looking to see electrified vehicles account for 50% of total sales by 2050. And the best way to make sure that happens? Electrify all vehicles starting now! Read on to learn about how Volvo Cars makes the transition to electrification a total breeze.

Volvo Powertrain Comparison Overview

We're all familiar with some version of the internal combustion engine. Maybe you drive a four-cylinder, a V-6, a V-8, or perhaps something more powerful like a W-12. No matter where you are in Hunt Valley, MD, you've undoubtedly been aware of increased fuel costs and an ever-diminishing supply of fossil fuels. Fortunately, the new B-Series engines from Volvo Cars makes transitioning to electrified vehicles easier than you ever imagined. Without any external charging required, your B-Series engine maintains performance while reducing the need for fuel. Let's look at how it all works in the following sections.

What Powertrains Are Available for Volvo Vehicles?

Vehicles found in our new Volvo vehicle inventory will have either a gas engine, a mild-hybrid engine (the B-Series motors), a plug-in hybrid engine, or a fully electrified powertrain. Let's take a glance at this quick Volvo powertrain comparison list.

  • Gas Engines - Current gas engines include the T4, T5, & T6 powertrains. These are found on select Volvo vehicles (like the Volvo XC90 T5 vs. T6) and use a turbocharger or turbo/supercharger combo to maximize air volume and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Mild-Hybrid Engines - Mild hybrids (or MHEVs) do not require any external charging, but they work in tandem with a battery. Interestingly, these batteries do not power the vehicle's wheels but rather reduce the stress and strain of the combustion engine with "electric thrust."

  • Plug-In Hybrid Engines - Plug-in hybrids (or PHEVs) have a battery system that works in tandem with a conventional engine. Unlike an MHEV, a PHEV uses its battery power to drive the wheels. Our PHEVs allow you to drive on all-electric power with an improved range for 2022 models.

  • All-Electric Engines - These engines are fully electrified, offer an impressive range, and can generate over 400 horsepower with instant acceleration. Need we say any more?

Now that we know what's available, let's look at the Volvo powertrain comparison related to the new lineup of MHEV engines.

What Are the Differences Between the B5/B6 and T5/T6 Powertrains?

This part of the Volvo powertrain comparison relies on our understanding of forced induction vs. electrification. The T-Series engines use a turbocharger or turbo/supercharger combo to force greater air volume into the combustion chamber. The result is a cleaner detonation cycle, more power, and the use of less gas (as compared to engines without forced induction).

In the case of the new B-Series motors, we still see an assistance feature, but it doesn't come as a mechanical component. The B5 & B6 use a 48-V lithium-ion battery to reduce the load on the engine's combustion chamber. Thanks to a cleverly designed belt-integrated starter generator (the BISG unit), this engine can recharge the battery without an external power source.

What Are the Benefits of the New B5/B6 Powertrains?

Any Volvo powertrain comparison would be incomplete without a section on benefits to you, the driver. We've spent a few moments discussing many details that might matter to engineers. But what about you and your life behind the wheel?

  • The first benefit that comes to mind is ease of use. You'll never have to think about charging or range. Electrification is there for you. And it can take care of itself without your help.
  • The next benefit is peace of mind. You can drive your Volvo vehicle knowing that you're doing everything possible to reduce the need for fossil fuels.
  • Another benefit is fun. Just because you're eco-minded, it doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice performance. The B5 offers you 247 horsepower, and the B6 gives you 295 horsepower. This is a similar power difference between the Volvo T5 and T6 (250 horsepower vs. 316 horsepower).

Volvo Powertrain Comparison FAQs

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What is the new Volvo B-Series?

B-Series engines are mild hybrids that use electrification to help power the engine (not the wheels). No plug-in charging is required.

Are the new B5/B6 powertrains better than the T5/T6?

All Volvo engines are designed to be efficient and powerful. The B-Series engines use electrification (as opposed to forced induction) to reduce the need for fossil fuels.

What is the difference between the Volvo B5 and B6 engines?

These engines are nearly identical, but the B6 has a little more displacement, resulting in more power. The B5 has 247 horsepower, and the B6 has 295 horsepower.

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