Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Hunt Valley, MD

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Sign up for a Volvo certified pre-owned vehicle at our dealership in Hunt Valley, MD. Our technicians review all CPO vehicles well before you see them. Each car passes a 170+ point inspection and meets all requirements for certification at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars. Learn more about our certification process.

Get the Job Done: Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Models

Our Volvo certified pre-owned cars provide you with an opportunity to take home a car for less. If you're interested in saving on your next vehicle but a bit apprehensive about buying used, visit Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars.

If you're looking for something slightly smaller, consider a used Volvo XC40. This SUV's transformable cabin easily switches between passenger-friendly and cargo-ready. Select this SUV and enjoy the increased dimensions and capabilities of an SUV.

Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Hunt Valley, MD

Why do our customers enjoy Volvo SUVs so much? Every road trip is easier when you have an adaptable and durable Volvo vehicle. Whether you're picking up the kids from school or chasing down an adventure far from the house, the midsize used Volvo XC60 is an ideal option. Explore a certified pre-owned Volvo XC60.

The largest member of the Volvo SUV lineup is our certified pre-owned Volvo XC90. Browse through multiple trim levels and select the color you want at our location in Cockeysville, MD. You get to express your style and take advantage of a powerful engine when you drive this design. Fit your modern chair in the back, too.

Take on responsibilities you wouldn't even consider before when you have the used Volvo XC90 in your garage. Our Volvo models have the strength, talent, and intelligence to help you check off every to-do on your list. Take control of your day and move elegantly in a certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle from Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars in Hunt Valley, MD.

FAQs About Our Used Certified Volvo Models

Are you interested in learning the key components of our Volvo certified pre-owned warranty? Perhaps how you can keep your car running at peak performance. Our team of expert technicians will share their knowledge with you at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars.

Visit our showroom in Hunt Valley, MD. We look forward to answering your questions and pairing you with a Volvo vehicle.

What does CPO mean for Volvo?

The term CPO refers to Certified Pre-Owned. We take the certification process very seriously at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars. Each model must pass a 170+ point inspection and have a clean CARFAX® Vehicle History Report. You'll receive immediate access to Volvo Roadside Assistance, experience no deductible for covered warranty service visits, and enjoy a five-year, unlimited mile warranty.1

Does Volvo CPO cover brakes?

Yes. A thorough and comprehensive brake check is also an important part of the certification process. A vehicle that arrives at our facility will have all brake components serviced as part of the certification process.

Is the Volvo CPO extended warranty worth it?

Learn more about warranties and warranty length inside our showroom at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars. Our certified technicians work with our entire lineup every day and can break down all of our available warranties in great detail. For more details on what's covered within the Volvo certified pre-owned warranty for a car you like, reach out to our team.

Is it worth buying certified Volvo?

A certified pre-owned Volvo has undergone a 170-point inspection, has unlimited miles under its warranty, is fewer than five years old, and has less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. It offers excellent value for your money and is absolutely worth investing in.

What is NOT covered under Volvo certified pre-owned warranty?

Any parts in your vehicle that are not genuine Volvo parts are not covered by the CPO warranty. Otherwise, pretty much everything falls within the coverage of this exceptional program. Anything that is not covered will be specifically listed in the agreement that you'll review prior to purchasing a CPO Volvo car. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Can you lease a certified pre-owned Volvo car?

Volvo CPO vehicles offer great value, and many drivers might consider leasing them to have a low monthly payment. Unfortunately, we only lease new cars. However, this isn't an issue if you're interested in a lease. Since leasing a car means driving a brand-new vehicle for a low monthly payment, there's little reason to opt for a theoretical CPO lease over one of a new Volvo vehicle.

Does the certified by Volvo warranty cover the remote key fob?

The remote key fob is part of your vehicle's electrical system, so the CPO warranty usually covers it. If it is not, you'll find it expressly excluded in the warranty details you'll review before shelling out any money towards the vehicle. You can always reach out to us for details regarding a specific car — give us a call or stop on by.

Does the Volvo certified warranty transfer?

The Volvo CPO inventory does transfer to subsequent owners of the car. You can buy a CPO Volvo sedan or SUV, drive it for a while, and then pass it on to your child, another family member, or that guy you met on Craigslist, and they will still enjoy the vehicle's exceptional CPO warranty. This is another great reason to invest in a CPO Volvo vehicle.

What Volvo Vehicles Can Be Certified Pre-owned?

CPO stands for "certified pre-owned," meaning the vehicle has met the necessary criteria to become certified. How does a used Volvo vehicle become certified? First, she must be newer than 6 years old. Second, she must have fewer than 80,000 miles.

Once those qualifications are met, the vehicle is put through a bumper-to-bumper multi-point inspection to ensure the safety, reliability, and proper performance of your next used car.

If any part or component doesn't pass the inspection, it is repaired or replaced with factory parts. A used car's final certification step is an interior and exterior visual inspection.  Every certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle for sale must pass the appearance standard. At which point, we are proud to add it to our inventory of certified pre-owned car specials.

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1 Calculated from the original in-service date and zero miles.

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