Make Back to School Vehicle Service A Priority

Back to school time is hectic and it is easy to forget the little things. Even though it may not seem like it now, getting your student’s vehicle serviced before they go back to school should the most important thing on your list.

Taking your student’s vehicle in for a check-up and servicing is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure that the new school year goes smoothly. The last thing you want is an unexpected car repair....


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Making Friends With Your Roof Rack

Our team here at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars wants you to get the most out of your vehicle. Being knowledgeable about your vehicle's features and how they can best meet your needs is one of our goals.

If you travel often or enjoy cycling, kayaking, or canoeing, chances are a roof rack is a necessity for you. The important thing is becoming very familiar with this useful accessory to maximize its use and minimize any damage. A roof rack that's properly fitted won't damage your vehicle. When installing be sure to read the instructions carefully. If…

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The Volvo XC40 Momentum Has What It Takes

The new Volvo XC40 is the newest luxury compact SUV to hit the road. How does it stack up in this crowded pack? U.S.News has ranked it as the best of its class for compact SUVs, thanks to its roomy and luxurious interior, agile handling on the road and stylish exterior.

Not only fun to drive, the Volvo XC40 Momentum base model is powerful and fuel efficient at the same time. The turbocharged Drive-E engine performs admirably on the highway and consumes a minimal amount of fuel in the process.

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The Sporty Look and Feel of the Volvo S60 Dynamic

The Volvo S60 is a sport sedan that comes in a variety of different trim styles including the Dynamic trim line. This particular trim line is designed to provide a sporty exterior along with responsive handling. The Volvo S60 is a very comfortable vehicle for short and long trips.

The Volvo S60 Dynamic is designed for the comfort of the driver and passengers. The vehicle is equipped with a power moonroof. You can let the light shine in and feel the breeze on a warm summer's day. The Volvo S60 Dynamic is also equipped with curve traction control...

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Rainy Day Safe Driving Tips

Arriving safely at your destination is your priority anytime you get behind the wheel. Here at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars, we want you to know how to be safe on the highway no matter what the weather.

Rainfall can make driving hazardous as the roads become wet and visibility is decreased during downpours.

Try to avoid driving during rainfall if you possibly can. Most accidents occur soon after the rain first starts, so even just waiting a few minutes can help. Drive more slowly than usual, and give yourself plenty extra space. Avoid cell phone use and other distractions…
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Spruce Up Your Car This Spring: Here's How

Are you ready to get your car running better than ever? It's time to have your car's spring maintenance performed. Even if you have regular oil changes, it's important to have other maintenance done on your vehicle, too.

One of the most important things you need to have checked on your vehicle is your air filter. Did you know that your air filter can become dirty and clogged with dust and pollution? Consider having it changed in the spring to minimize your exposure to allergens. You may also want to consider an alignment on your car. This…

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Know the Gasket Warning Signs

What's that gurgling sound coming from your radiator? Though it may be tempting to ignore it and see if it goes away on its own, it may be a sign that one of your gaskets needs replacing. Knowing the signs of gasket failure can mean the difference between a small repair and a bigger--and more costly--one.

Gaskets are important parts of your engine; they form an impenetrable barrier between various engine components to keep fluids, gasses, and other liquids where they are supposed to be. Gasket failure means these fluids can leak into other areas of your engine and…

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How to Know if Your Ignition Needs to be Serviced

When you twist the key in your vehicle's ignition, you expect the vehicle to start right up without issue. If you notice a problem of some kind, you need to get help so that you don't end up stranded. It is important for you to keep your ignition serviced and in good condition.

If you notice smoke as you are trying to start up your car, you are probably in need of ignition services. There should not be smoke coming up from your car as you twist your key in the ignition. If you hear a grinding noise…
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Symptoms of Problems With Your All-Wheel Drive and Transfer Case

Have you ever wondered how your 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle is able to shift weight so that your tires can gain traction? Also, have you ever wondered how you would know if your all-wheel or 4-wheel drive was going out on your vehicle? The transfer case plays a big role in the functioning of your all-wheel or 4-wheel drive, and there are several ways that you can know if the transfer case is going out.

The transfer case is the part of the vehicle that transfers weight from one axle to the next so that tires can gain traction…

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Brake Fluid Is More Important Than You Might Think

Brake fluid is what keeps your brakes working, and it's an incredibly important part of any car. But what exactly is it, and why is it so vital to your brakes?

Brake fluid, which is sometimes called hydraulic fluid, is a specialized fluid which provides the force behind your brakes. It's located in your brake line, and delivers the force of your pedal to your vehicle's brake rotors, then, in turn, your brake pads, and finally, your wheels. This is what causes your vehicle to slow or stop. Without that fluid, your brakes simply wouldn't function…
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