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Find Your Next Luxury SUV in Hunt Valley

Bill Kidd’s Volvo near Baltimore has Several Luxury Volvo SUVs Available

The revamped Volvo SUV lineup provides an all-new crossover, a venerable all-star, and a cavernous three-row model, all of which offer luxury and performance in great quantity. While our new inventory of Volvo SUV models offers a great deal of depth, the similarities and difference of each model speak to certain needs and desires. Bill Kidd’s Volvo in Hunt Valley is happy to help point you in the right direction as you choose the luxury SUV that will power your Baltimore-area adventures.

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Avoid a Lease End Predicament

You don't have to be in a lease end predicament. A vehicle lease is built to provide flexibility. It gives you an out from the leased vehicle in a specific amount of time. Your lease might last three or four years. You'll be able to turn the keys in and walk away once the terms are finished. You don't have to keep it, but you also don’t have to return your leased vehicle if you decide that a purchase would be best.

A predicament might happen when you don't have a vehicle to drive.

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Volvo Cars USA Sees 13th Month of Continuous Sales Growth

And that growth just wouldn’t be possible without you, our valued customers. Here at Bill Kidd’s Volvo, we don’t like to focus too much on numbers, but these numbers mean that the future of Volvo is bright, and we wanted to say a big “thank you” to customers like you who have made Volvo the brand for safety-minded luxury drivers.




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Yesterday was the 57th Birthday of the Three-Point Safety Belt

Yesterday marked the 57th anniversary of the day Nils Bohlin, a former engineer at Volvo Cars, received a patent from the US Patents Office for his design of the three-point seatbelt, which we still use, largely unchanged, in vehicles today. Volvo has always been safety focused, and today at Bill Kidd’s Volvo, we’re celebrating some of those roots with a look back at some of our humble beginnings.




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