During the summer months in the Cockeysville area, hot weather conditions can result in intense stress and damage to various parts of your Volvo. This can increase the chance of a breakdown. It can also reduce the longevity of your vehicle and impact the vehicle’s resale value.

The good news is that our technicians in the service center at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars can complete essential maintenance services. These services prepare your vehicle for usage throughout the summer season.

Oil and Filter Service

If your Volvo’s oil and oil filter have not been replaced recently, this task should be at the top of your list. As the engine runs, it generates heat and friction. When this internal heat is combined with summertime heat, the damage to your engine can be tremendous. The purpose of fresh oil in your Volvo is to reduce the effects of heat and friction, but the oil must be clean in order to be effective.

Engine Flush

While oil service will give your engine a fresh supply of clean oil, some gunk and debris may remain in the engine. An engine flush is an effective way to remove these potentially damaging elements. As a result, your Volvo’s engine can operate more efficiently on the roads of Timonium.

Brake Service

Your Volvo’s brake pads gradually wear down with regular use. You may notice signs that a brake pad replacement is needed soon, such as through grinding, squealing, or unusual sensations when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. The quality and condition of the vehicle’s entire braking system are essential to your safety. Our technicians can inspect your car or SUV's brake pads quickly and are equipped to address all of your brake service needs.

Tire Rotation

Everything from the individual air pressure in your tires to the weight of the vehicle and more can impact tread wear. In most cases, tread does not wear evenly across all tires. Uneven wear may result in the premature need to replace some of the tires. It could also impact your ability to remain safe on the road. A seasonal tire rotation is a convenient way to encourage even wear across all tires. When our technicians rotate your Volvo’s tires, we will also ensure that they are properly inflated.

Filter Replacement

The oil filter is only one of several filters in your Volvo that perform essential functions. Others include the fuel filter, the air filter, and the PCV filter. As you drive your Volvo regularly, all filters can become filthy. As a result, they will be less effective at performing their critical duties. Some of the many effects of dirty filters could include reduced power when you accelerate, hard ignition, periodic engine stalling, and more. Our technicians have all of the on-hand supplies needed to replace all filters in your Volvo.

Wiper Replacement

The best time to replace your Volvo’s wiper blades is before they show signs of damage or wear. The ability to see clearly out of your windshield is essential for safe driving. Your wiper blades are used to wipe away water during rainstorms and also to clean your windshield on sunny days, so they are critical regardless of weather conditions. If your wiper blades have not been replaced for several months, now is the time to do so.

Schedule Your Volvo Routine Service in the Baltimore Area

Our Volvo dealership’s service technicians are available to address all of your vehicle’s summer maintenance needs. When you bring your Volvo to us for service in the Towson area, you can expect quality workmanship and fast service. To set up an appointment for any maintenance services that are currently due and to receive immediate attention from our technicians when you arrive, schedule an appointment at our Bel Air area service center today.

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