Rainy Day Safe Driving Tips

Arriving safely at your destination is your priority anytime you get behind the wheel. Here at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars, we want you to know how to be safe on the highway no matter what the weather.

Rainfall can make driving hazardous as the roads become wet and visibility is decreased during downpours.

Try to avoid driving during rainfall if you possibly can. Most accidents occur soon after the rain first starts, so even just waiting a few minutes can help. Drive more slowly than usual, and give yourself plenty extra space. Avoid cell phone use and other distractions.

Make sure your tires have good tread on them. They will need to get a good firm grip on the roadway. Check to see that your headlights and tail lights are in good working order, too. And of course, you will need to use your windshield wipers.

Stop by our service department in Cockeysville today to make sure your vehicle is ready to drive in the rain.
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