The 3000-mile myth does not apply to most late-model vehicles on the road today

Have you ever wondered just how many miles you can drive on your new car or SUV before you have to get an oil change? Do you think it is 3000 miles? Would you be surprised to know that it could very well be a considerable amount more?

It's okay if this is what you thought. There are still many people in the Cockeysville area that believe this because they have not done the research and found out that this magic number of 3000 was put into place many years ago. The number one go-to place to find out exactly what your vehicle's 'golden number' is when it comes to oil change mileage is your owner's manual. If your vehicle did not come with the necessary documentation or you misplaced it, please feel free to bring your vehicle to us at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars, and we can take a look through one of many databases at our disposal and find the answers that you are looking for.
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