Smartphone technology is constantly evolving. Automobile manufacturers need to keep up with the trends to cater to connected drivers. Luckily, Volvo has included many high-tech innovations in the new XC40. You can get the popular luxury subcompact SUV at Bill Kidd's Volvo Cars with a wireless charging pad and multiple charging ports.

Drivers in Cockeysville can charge their mobile devices the traditional way with the built-in USB and 12-volt charging ports. There's a 12-volt outlet and two USB ports on the center console. They're located just under the infotainment center. If you want to give your passengers some juice, rear ports are also available.

The optional wireless charging pad is a cord cutter's dream. Instead of fumbling with cables, you can simply set your device down on the charging pad. The XC40 has a dedicated storage cubby under the infotainment system. The bottom of the compartment has inductive charging equipment built right in.



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