Why Fluids Are Vital To Vehicle Health

Your vehicle is home to many different fluids, all serving different functions and found in various capacities. If these fluids were absent, the internal parts in your engine would grind against each other and degrade quickly; your air conditioner would fail to work, you couldn’t shift gears without gears breaking, and the list goes on.

Oil, also called engine or motor oil, is found in the engine. Certify its levels by testing the dipstick on the engine’s side or front, found under the hood. Remove, wipe, insert, remove, and read the levels. If it’s below the highest notch, bubble, or another symbol, you need to have it changed or, at a bare minimum, top it off to hold you until your oil change.

Transmission fluid is vitally important, as well, as it’s what helps your gears crank without breaking. Your transmission, or gear shifter, is on tons of stress every day you drive. Just a few moments without any transmission fluid is terrible for its welfare.

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