Transporting Your Delicious Holiday Dishes

Happy holidays from all of us here at Bill Kidd’s Volvo! We know that this time of year can get hectic. As you take your family-famous recipes along with you to a variety of holiday gatherings, we want to make sure that you travel safely so both you and your recipe make it to your destination in one piece. How can you safely transport all the baked and dipped goods you can fit into your Volvo car or SUV? We’re glad you asked!

It is best to keep your dishes in your trunk space of the vehicle without anything else around it. You can place items on an old towel or two, or put down a non-slip rubber pad before setting dishes down in your trunk or floor. You can also buckle your dish into the backseat if you have the space, keeping in mind that spills do happen at the most unexpected times. Make sure you have secured the food with a tight lid on top of the dish to prevent any spillage from occurring on the road. You can use electrical tape or even masking tape to secure lids and reduce spillage potential. If you have someone else in the car with you, you may want to enlist them to help watch the food that you're bringing. You need to be paying attention to the road as you drive.

If you’re still looking for that stunning treat for yourself this holiday season, stop by Bill Kidd’s Volvo here in Cockeysville, MD to look through our new Volvo SUV and car models.

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