Kitty Litter Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be for Traction

We've likely heard that storing kitty litter in our vehicles can be helpful - potentially even life-saving - in the event of getting stuck in your driveway, out on the road, or in inclement weather.

However, kitty litter is bad news when it's spread on driveways. Whenever it absorbs excess water, it becomes slippery. Further, kitty litter can even stick to your driveway, causing a slippery mess that doesn't seem to go away.

You should only use kitty litter when your vehicle is stuck in snow or ice, preferably outside of your home, any roadways, and anywhere else people are currently or could soon be around.

Sand can be used to gain traction in inclement weather, as opposed to kitty litter. It doesn't melt ice, nor does kitty litter, although sand doesn't transform into mush.

If you ever have driveway problems, only use salt or sand, never clay litter. Call us at Bill Kidd's Volvo for our advice.
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