The Volvo V90 Estate Awaits


For a different angle on luxury and practicality look no further than the brand new Volvo V90 Estate. The V90 is unlike any other car in its class. It combines the utilitarian nature of an SUV with the complete comfort of a luxury sedan.

Scalable Product Arthitecture

Volvo's "SPA" or scalable product architecture is not just about the sheet metal or the design of new Volvo models. SPA allows new Volvo cars and SUVs to feature new technology as it becomes available, also. With the tech industry, contantly evolving people want cars with new technology that allows them iPhone compatibility or Android compatibility. Volvo's SPA could potentially help on that front, allowing Volvo to put new technology into each new vehicle as it becomes available.

V90 Features and Highlights

The V90 model name may date back to the early 1990's, but the all-new Volvo V90 is anything but antiquated. Far from it; this estate features a very well-executed sleek, modern interior and equally compelling and contemporary exterior. Inspired by Swedish design, the V90 features supple leather, wood grain trim, and a whole host of new technology and convenience features that drivers in Cockeysville, MD will love. If you have any questions about the new V90, simply contact us online here at Bill Kidd's Volvo. You may also call us at (877) 649-0077.

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